Big Data

In a fast-paced world where vast amounts of data are generated every day from the simplest devices to the most complex networks, analysing and extracting the most relevant insights is crucial.
The research domain of Big Data works in synergy with efforts in High Performance Computing/Cloud research to study and investigate new methods to extract and visualise information. In particular, this research area:

  • Study and research Big Data architecture proposing a new approach to analyse large volumes of data quickly in a distributed environment
  • Design and develop a prototype of Leonardo’s Big Data general framework which can exploit the computing power of the davinci-1 supercomputer
  • Study and research how to implement a predictive maintenance application using the Big Data general framework using optimization techniques to predict factors
  • Study and research how to implement a ‘digital factory’ application. It will be able to extract data from production machines and process this information in real-time to estimate production reliability and to predict equipment failure to avoid production stoppages
  • Study and research how to implement a real-time analysis of earth observation, aircraft, and drone images to extract meta-information, merging them to supply surveillance services.

The Leonardo Labs, which develop skills transversal to the company’s business areas in the field of Big Data, are: Future Rotorcraft Technologies, Future Aircraft Technologies, Materials Technologies, Space Technologies, Future Electronics & Sensing, HPC\Cloud\Big Data Technologies, Future Security & Safety Technologies.