Our supercomputer davinci-1

In a world of profound change, digitalisation plays a central role in transforming industry, society, the market, our customs and habits. Digitalisation is also an extraordinary enabler of sustainability. 

In fact, digital transformation leads business and the whole of society to evolve, providing the opportunity to create new products and services and fuelling radical change. Consider the development of Artificial Intelligence, and the growth and ubiquity of connectivity. These processes must be steered decisively in support of sustainable development.

Digitalisation opens up the opportunity to make calculations at very high speed, process huge amounts of data, extract new information, and ultimately generate knowledge from digital models and data. 

Companies that want to be global leaders must therefore make significant investments in data infrastructure and autonomous data processing capacity. 

This is why we have built one of the world's most powerful supercomputers – the davinci-1.

We want to fully exploit the potential of digital technologies, with the aim of designing increasingly complex systems and creating a completely digital product supply chain. This extends from design to manufacturing, right up to the services offered to our customers throughout the product life cycle. For example, the introduction of advanced algorithms for diagnostics and predictive maintenance.

Davinci-1 is our ‘artificial brain’, the third most powerful in the world in the Aerospace, Defence and Security sector – after NASA and the Japan Aerospace Association – and among the top 100 supercomputers according to the TOP 500 ranking (Top500.org).

It is an extremely fast but, above all, flexible machine that will work across all Leonardo’s divisions and business units to analyse the data generated by our products, examine scenarios, predict situations, design innovative systems, and make accurate decisions.

Davinci-1 is for us an enabler of digitalisation, able to improve our product legacy and at the same time accelerate our ability to diversify into new services and new business areas, benefitting both Leonardo and society in general.

What's inside davinci-1

Davinci-1 was built with the technological partnership of Atos and features the latest generation of NVidia A100 accelerators. 

The supercomputer is equipped with a battery of more than 150 supercomputing units, for a total computing power of more than 5PFlops - five million billion floating-point operations per second, i.e. a power comparable to that of 10,000 latest-generation personal computers.

Each computing unit is connected to all the others by a high-performance network, in which each individual connection has a bandwidth of 100Gbit/second (equivalent to 1,000 broadband connections).

Completing the architecture of the supercomputer, we have a high-performance storage subsystem made by DDN (a leader in high-performance storage systems), for a storage capacity in the order of 20Pbytes (20 million Gigabytes), with a total reading and writing speed of 100Gbytes/second, enough to read and write the equivalent of 20 DVDs per second.

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