We are investing in innovation, technology transfer, intellectual property, research and development, and long-term relationships and partnerships with the Canadian Government, Canadian industry including small to medium enterprises.

A longstanding industrial investment

A longstanding industrial investment

Our goal is to provide great support to our clients and successfully deliver our projects together

Where we are


Leonardo’s Canadian subsidiary is based in Ottawa. Purpose built to serve the Canadian market, Leonardo’s Canadian team leverages and draws upon the full strength and depth of the global company. Leonardo coordinates all commercial activities in Canada through the Ottawa-based team, including those activities related to Defence and Defence Systems, Aeronautics programs for Air Traffic Control, Cyber Security and Automation with focus on solutions for airports, postal operators and couriers.


55 Metcalfe street, suite 540
Ottawa, ON – Canada
K1P 6L5



Tactical Technologies Inc.

We produce Tactical Engagement Simulation Software for the international Electronic Warfare market, used in more than thirty EW Operational Support Centers, Air and Maritime Walfare Centers, Intelligence Agencies, Operational Research, and EW Engineering Agencies around the world.

2685 Queensview Dr
Ottawa, ON – Canada

T: +1(613)8280775


DRS Technologies Canada Ltd. manufactures and supports a broad range of military communications, electro-optics, surveillance and sensor signal processing systems for naval and ground applications.


500 Palladium Drive
Suite 1100
Kanata, ON – Canada
K2V 1C2
T: +1 613 591 5800
T: +1 613 591 5801

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Leonardo DRS Pivotal Power

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, we design and manufacture full MIL-SPEC qualified power conversion and distribution equipment including uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), power conditioners, rectifiers, power converters, and battery chargers for military shipboard, vehicle and air force applications.


Nancy Preeper
DRS Pivotal Power
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
T: +1 902 210 6441