Negotiations online

Through this section, Suppliers who have been invited and previously registered with the online negotiation system can access the profiled area and receive requests from Leonardo and provide their commercial offers.

 There is currently a migration of the tenders portal, as a result there are two separate services both active: - this new service is currently active for FGS and gradually for Leonardo Divisions/Companies. Go to the “application” section to register for this service. - this service is active but is gradually being phased out.

The online negotiation service provides support to customers and suppliers to make the negotiation process more effective and efficient.

This service provides support to the purchasing process, mainly for the following:

  • negotiation activities, such as Offer Requests and Contract Auctions, which will determine the supplier
  • document management, communication and collaboration activities between customer and supplier

This service provides the following benefits:

1. process benefits

  • simplified event handling with a high number of suppliers
  • reduced average offer handling time
  • collaboration and sharing of documents from the planning stage
  • real-time display of status and number of bids received
  • instant communication between customer and supplier in all stages of the bidding process


2. technological benefits

  •  web-based solution
  •  document repository easily accessible

3. negotiation benefits

  • greater competition and transparency are guaranteed
  • information confidentiality is guaranteed
  • compliance with corporate negotiation procedures

For help with using online negotiation tools, you may contact the support help desk, by email at or by calling 800 591122 toll free or +390650264588 from outside Italy. This service is available Monday through Friday from 9AM to 6PM.