Leonardo's procurement process is handled by Leonardo Global Solutions (LGS) and the Purchasing units of the Divisions, each one for Its area of expertise
Through the Purchasing Business Unit, LGS contributes to reducing operational costs, rationalising and controlling expenditure and monitoring and streamlining the related processes, by managing:

•    centralised procurement activities
•    procurement support services 


Centralised procurement

LGS is wholly responsible for the entire purchasing process of common, core and noncore, product categories listed below independently of whether the product or service is for the final customer or  overheads:
•    general services;

•    general maintenance of buildings and installations;

•    property expansions, extraordinary maintenance and operations;

•    exhibition and trade fair setups and services, communication and image products and services;

•    long-term car hire, car rental with driver, fuel cards;

•    office fixtures and materials;

•    energy and gas;

•    waste disposal;

•    business travel, credit cards;

•    temporary work and training;

•    transport;

•    personal protective equipment, work clothes;

•    measurement and control tools;

•    ICT;

•    production auxiliaries: fuels and lubricants, tools, packaging material;

•    electronic, electrical, electro-mechanical, mechanical and hydraulic components;

•    raw materials (chemical materials, metallic and non-metallic raw materials)

At operational level, purchasing activities are handled through a category management approach. Teams specialised by market area handle the various phases of the process: from sector analysis, suppliers scouting and market analisys, to collecting and standardising purchasing needs of Leonardo's Divisions, negotiating and contracting suppliers and the subsequent Vendor Management activities.


Procurement support services

Aiming at defining common processes and operational procedures of the Group's supply chain, and improving overall business results while increasing the visibility and control of the purchasing processes,LGS ensures the development, deployment, management and monitoring of all the centralised procurement support services by:

•    developing purchasing services so that processes and technical solutions match business needs;

•    managing the services operationally, making sure they are available and delivered to the Group;

•    taking action to improve its processes, identifying development and innovation requirements.

In this regard, LGS promotes the following purchasing services within Leonardo:



The service supports the management of e-auction, so as maximise the effectiveness of the negotiating processes and enable procedure traceability and compliance.

 The service enables:

•    the purchasing office to have an effective tender or auction management system: from suppliers selection to request for quotation and determination of the results based on easily comparable offers;

•    suppliers to interact through an innovative and economical channel capable of improving the efficiency of their relationship with Leonardo Group.

To date, the service is used by more than 1,000 buyers for the Group's purchases and over 5,000 online negotiation events are processed every year.
A Help Desk service supports all users, whether buyers or suppliers, through every step of the process.


The electronic catalogue service supports the operational process of high recurrence and low unit value purchases. The service includes electronic management of purchase orders and, in some cases, of the goods acceptance and invoicing processes.

 The main benefits of using electronic catalogues are:

•    reduced processing times for operational and low added value activities;

•    paperless processes;

•    improved efficiency and effectiveness of all purchase process steps, and where applicable, of the invoicing and payment processes;

•    full process visibility and control;

•    compliance assurance with purchase contracts.


The service supports the management of the supplier's lifecycle from application to LGS prequalification and qualification process and subsequent performance evaluation.

This service enables competition between potential suppliers and provides procedures to manage all supplier relationships with transparency, traceability and speed.

The goal is to expand the supply market, analyse its dynamics and players and introduce selective filters to establish a Group Supplier Register while carrying out regular checks on active suppliers to make sure they keep up with the standards required by the Group


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