Selex ES has been working in Romania since 2004.


Through a dedicated commercial office and its subsidiary ELETTRA Communications, the  Electronics, Defence & Security Systems sector has delivered critical communication networks and systems to the Romanian Government and provides a wide range of high technology products and services both for the Defence and Civil markets. The primary activity is in the support and manufacture of telecommunication equipment as well as the production and export of on-board military and commercial aircraft control panels.


Through major investment in assembly and test equipment, and a dedicated, expert workforce, the company is certified to provide systems to the demanding commercial aircraft market as well as domestic and NATO military customers.


Today the Electronics, Defence & Security Systems sector is an important global supplier providing customers in each selected market sector with leading edge, distinctive, proprietary technologies and products that meet specific requirements of a diverse customer base including Land Air and Naval solutions for Defence, Air Traffic Management Authorities, Law Enforcement Agencies, Infrastructure Protection Agencies, Meteorological Agencies and research agencies as well as customers in the Financial Services and Educational sectors.


The Electronics, Defence & Security Systems sector is committed to extending activities in Romania both through its subsidiaries and through the creation of in-country industrial partnerships and collaborations.


ELETTRA Communications website


The companies are respectively headquartered in Bucharest and in Ploieşti, Judetul Prahova.