Selex ES Malaysia Sdn Bhd was established in April 2015 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Leonardo.


The establishment of Selex ES Malaysia Sendirian Berhad Company (a Private Limited Company) is an indication of the company’s commitment to developing our business in the Asia Pacific market. Selex ES Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a “technology rich” company and it has a strong scientific and engineering pedigree which has evolved over 100 years of research, investment and technology development.


It is the company’s aim to use its strong heritage, technologies and products to form strategic partnerships with local companies, scientific institutions and business partners in a quest to provide and deliver solutions to Malaysia in the land, sea, air and space domains.


Selex ES Malaysia Sdn Bhd’s registered scope of operation ensures the company can deliver a wide field of manufacturing and engineering-based disciplines such as assembly, integration, installation, commissioning, testing, system design and development, support services, and training.


The company offers a comprehensive range of electronic and information technology products, software, systems and services. In particular, Selex ES Malaysia Sdn Bhd integrates multi-technologies for both military and professional communications, HW and SW integration capabilities for military and civil radars, parameter and cyber security solutions for oil and gas security infrastructure, as well as C4I centres and Maritime centres for safe and secure Coastguard and Navy operations.


Selex ES Malaysia Sdn Bhd is committed to developing its in-country engineering capabilities and knowledge base in order to deliver and support the company’s full product and services portfolio.