PZL-Świdnik - Poland’s only helicopter design authority.

  • The only Polish producer of own-designed helicopters with the unique capability to autonomously design, develop, produce and support aircrafts.
  • The biggest Polish producer of aircraft and one of the key employers in the Polish aviation sector.
  • Long-standing and fruitful cooperation with the Polish MoD within the Polish Armed Forces’ major helicopter programmes.
  • Stimulating growth of the Polish aviation sector by introducing technological innovations and ensuring access to global technology.



The Świdnik facility in Poland represents the third pillar of Helicopter Division's manufacturing capability in Europe, alongside Italy and the UK.


The plant, which has a history dating back to 1951, produces airframes for the AW119Ke, the AW109 LUH, the Grand and the AW139, as well as the PZL-Swidnik helicopter range, including the PZL W-3A Sokol and the PZL SW-4.


Manufacturing capabilities also include centre wing boxes, door mechanisms, control surfaces and fire protection linings for aerospace customers.


The factory offers a wide range of production services which cover machining, special surface treatments such as chromic acid anodizing of aluminium parts and structures, welded constructions, bonded parts and die forgings of non-ferrous metals.


Almost 3,500 employees, including 630 engineers in Poland:

  • Over 60 years of industrial presence in Poland
  • More than 7400 helicopters, covering wide range of commercial and parapublic applications, delivered to more than 40 countries worldwide
  • Design, research, development and manufacturing site
  • Over 150 Świdnik-produced helicopters in service with the Polish Armed Forces
  • Supply chain of 1300 companies, including 900 domestic businesses
  • SW-4 and Sokol final assembly lines
  • Poland’s only centre of static and fatigue testing for aerostructures and aircraft dynamic parts
  • Poland’s largest producer of composite materials and the largest supplier of composite structures in Helicopter Division
  • Centre of Excellence in Aerostructures Production
  • SW-4 Solo unmanned helicopter development
  • 24 hour Customer Support Fleet Operations Centre
  • Renowned provider of professional training services
  • Close cooperation with leading Polish and European universities on R&D and engineering projects
  • Key partner of leading aviation companies producing rotary- and fixed wing structures