Helicopter Division's main office in Italy is in Cascina Costa, on the outskirts of Milan. There are five plants across Italy in Anagni, Benevento, Brindisi, Frosinone and Vergiate. The Italian Training Academy is based at Sesto Calende, while Lonate Pozzolo close to Milan Malpensa airport provides 24-hour customer support for the Helicopter Division network.

Nine facilities dedicated to designing, producing and servicing rotorcrafts for the global market.

Over 6,000 employees in four aerospace clusters in 5 regions.


Cascina Costa's history dates back to 1923 when Giovanni Agusta established a licensed production, maintenance and spare parts facility on the outskirts of Milan.

Today, Cascina Costa is both a key functional Headquarter for the Division, and an operative site home to more than 2,000 employees.


Key operative activities include those of the Engineering e.g.: the Avionic Systems, which is co-located in Yeovil and develops and integrates complex avionics systems; System Integration; the experimental flight line. The site is also a key part of the Transmissions and Mechanical Parts Centre of Excellence.



  • Headquarters of Helicopter Division
  • The heart of Agusta’s legacy
  • Corporate, design, R&D and manufacturing functions
  • Avionics and Transmission Integration Centres of Excellence
  • AW609 and ProjectZero tiltrotors birthplace


Anagni, located south east of Rome, employs about 400 people and is at the heart of Helicopter Division rotor blade production. The site produces approximately 3,000 blades per year (1,200 of the 3,000 are for the AW109 family or the AW139), with plans to increase this capacity to 3,800 blades. 70% of its blades are supplied for final assembly and the rest supports in-service aircrafts. Anagni is also playing a central role in developing blades for future helicopter programmes, including the AW149.



High production volume is supported by a clean room, producing six main rotors and six tail rotors every day.


Individual tooling is used to create the blade spar, while each blade then undergoes a complex composite manufacturing process with layers of carbon fibre being added to create an incredibly strong structure. A curing and heating process is employed to ensure each blade has the correct properties and every structure undergoes a battery of quality tests before being released to the customer.



  • Blades and Composites Centre of Excellence for all Helicopter Division products.



Benevento, located an hour outside Naples, is the starting point for Helicopter Division manufacturing: a 8,600 m2 foundry that began operations in 1979 to replace an existing foundry in Cascina Costa.


Using the latest Digital Manufacturing techniques, today Benevento produces 35,000 metallic castings and 70,000kg of product every year. The core business is complex medium and large scale aluminium and magnesium castings. Approximately 60% of the product is supplied to Cascina Costa, and the rest to other Helicopter Division sites and a number of external customers.


The facility is a unique resource for the company: no other helicopter manufacturer has its own foundry. Benevento is also the only foundry in the world capable of producing magnesium alloy parts using a low pressure system; this system is particularly valuable because capable of producing parts with wafer-thin precision.



  • Centre of Excellence Transmission castings.


Brindisi, located in Salento (Apulia region) on the ‘heel' of Italy, began operations in 1977 and is today the heart of Aerostructures Centre of Excellence, encompassing  activities such as structural assembly, metal to metal bonding, sheet metal work, and heat and galvanic treatments.


Brindisi also coordinates a complex supply chain, with two thirds of the site's annual output managed through external suppliers. Structures arrive in Brindisi from suppliers and undergo customisation and completion. For the AW139 cabin this involves the installation of more than 4,000 individual components and a further 400 on the tailboom.


Deliveries of aircraft structures stood at 103 in 2003; in 2008 the figure topped 300.The AW139 and AW109 family form the bulk of assembly work on site, but Brindisi also assembles structures for the AW101 and NH90, and is playing an important role in development of aerostructures for both the T129 and AW149 programmes.


One significant future development for Brindisi is its growing expertise in composites with plans to convert a former repair and overhaul hangar into a composites shop.



  • Centre of Excellence for aero structures production.


Frosinone, located in the Lazio region, south east of Rome, employs 600 people and is a centre of expertise and support for the Helicopter Division Centre of Excellence Transmissions and Mechanical Parts (with a dedicated workforce of about 350 people), as well as for the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul - MRO involving 200 colleagues. The remaining Frosinone workforce supports services including procurement.


Transmissions and Mechanical Parts CoE is supported by Frosinone for the development and production of dynamic components for most of the Helicopter Division fleet (rotor assemblies, the main rotor hub for the AW139, tension links for the AW101 and pitch control levers among other components), plus licences like CH-47, Bell 205 and 212 and Agusta Bell 412. The mechanical fabrication is staffed by 110 people and also includes milling and grinding. The area has recently benefited from € 2million of investment. Two MCM machines have delivered a significant boost to production capacity.


Some 60 per cent of customers for the site are outside the Italian domestic market, including work for the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia among others.



  • Overhaul for all Italian government helicopters.


The Helicopter Division Logistic Centre at Lonate Pozzolo covers almost 20,000 square meters. Comprising two vast buildings on the outskirts of Milan's Malpensa airport, the facility is designed to integrate the whole supply chain, from purchasing through to shipping.


The Lonate Pozzolo facility deals both with spare parts requirements for Helicopter Division worldwide, and is also the first link in the chain when customers need repairs and overhauls management.


As well as supplying directly to customers, the Logistic Centre also distributes materials to two other Helicopter Division facilities: Philadelphia and Liege - for onward shipping to customers.



  • Customer Support and Service Headquarters.
  • 500 employees dedicated to managing and coordinating 85 centres in 5 continents.


The "A. Marchetti" Training Academy offers a complete range of courses for all Helicopter Division Civil aircrafts and many military variants. Ground courses are conducted using traditional instructor led classroom training methods, making full use of state-of-the-art training technologies and teaching methodologies.


The Training Academy has been approved as a Type Rating Training Organisation (TRTO) and certified by ENAC (the Italian Civil Aviation Authority ), in accordance with JAR-FCL2. Courses are provided for a wide range of helicopters by highly professional ground and pilot instructors.


The Training Academy has been approved as a maintenance-training centre and certified by ENAC in accordance with regulation EASA Part147.


The Academy boasts AW139 and AW109E Maintenance Training Simulators (MTS) that offer a practical and efficient alternative to the real aircraft for mechanical and avionics technicians and include additional features to enhance learning. Basic courses are available for technical personnel without experience and advanced courses are available for more experienced technicians. All courses comply with the standards established by JAR 66/147.


The "A. Marchetti" Training Academy employs a large team of pilots and ground instructors (mechanics-avionics) who cover the huge range of courses on offer. All our staff are highly qualified and have in-depth experience of the aeronautical sector.



  • Training Academy “A. Marchetti” and HQ of global training operations
  • 11 helicopters available for training
  • 5 Full Flight Simulators and 4 Flight Training Devices for 20,000 synthetic flight hours per year
  • Expansion plans for up to 9 more FFSs


Tessera site (Venice) was established after the transfer of the assets of NH90 final assembly at the plant of the Ex Naval Aviation Workshops.

The choice to locate NH90 assembly in Tessera is due to the availability, after a complete renovation, of adequate spaces capable to support, in the coming years, the increase of planned activities on NH90 program.


In August 2010 was completed the transfer of NH90 helicopters assembly line from Vergiate to Tessera, the flight line activity started in December 2010.


The final assembly activities, the flight line, the preparation fot testing and the final acceptance by the customer of all NH90 helicopters manufactured by Helicopter Division are concentrated in Tessera.


Vergiate, located in  Lombardy close to the Maggiore Lake, is a fundamental site for the Italian aviation history since 1937, when SIAI (Società Idrovolanti Alta Italia) started the production of fixed-wing aircrafts. In 1969 Agusta acquired its control. In 1997, when Agusta re-organised its business, SIAI was transferred to Aermacchi and Vergiate focused solely on helicopter assembly.


Today Vergiate plays a critical role in Helicopter Division's manufacturing operations, being home to final assembly lines for our main helicopter models. Aircrafts exit the assembly line for the near flight line, where they undergo preparations for delivers, occurring each week, and the customer acceptance.



  • Main assembly line for AW109 Power, AW109 LUH, GrandNew, AW139, AW189, ICH-47F and, soon, AW169.
  • Over 200 deliveries to XX customers in 2013.