Our activities

Leonardo's great entrepreneurial history, of which we are proud to be part, is deeply rooted in the development of the Italian and European industry, and fuels our way into the future, to successfully compete in new global markets.


We are a global player in Aerospace, Defence and Security, with a long-term vision capacity thus guaranteeing rapidity and flexibility in adapting to new and urgent customer requirements or changes in market conditions.


Our priorities


Providing innovative, high-tech solutions towards a safer world and a better quality of life.

Supporting our customers with a long-term approach, building direct and ongoing relationships, anticipating their needs and contributing to their growth strategies.

Ensuring the quality and competitiveness of our products on a global level, to be a reliable partner to customers and industry alike.

Working for a sustainable development that creates value for our shareholders, and for all stakeholders in general.



We work closely with our clients and partners to improve the world and design the future one. We are always concentrating our research on the most advanced technologies, exploring new ideas and turning them into real solutions, so that our Planet can be a safer and more sustainable place to live on.


Our Commitment

We strengthen global security by supporting operational and logistical needs in military and peacekeeping operations.
We protect people, territories, the flow of sensitive information, physical infrastructure and computer networks, with operating systems that integrate various tools, skills and technologies.
We improve the quality of life, with innovative solutions aimed at sustainable management of the environment, urban spaces, climate and natural resources.
We support scientific and technological research, with the development of expertise and skills within our own laboratories and through our participation in the most important international programmes.



With our Industrial Plan we established the major guidelines for managing our business: products portfolio focused on Aerospace, Defence and Security, technologies better-suited for the needs of our customers, with standard and modular solutions and dual applications, more internationalisation with focus on selected target markets and strengthening of offer with regard to integrated capabilities and service activities.