Ethics and Compliance

Compliance policies are aimed at preventing those events that may cause the company to be liable, in the various forms (including cumulative forms) in which risks can take place

Leonardo S.p.a., in the carrying out its business activities, is committed to prevent the risk of illegal practices at all work levels and in any geographical area, by disseminating and promoting ethical values and principles, as well as by the implementation of rules of conduct and effective control processes, in line with the requirements set forth by applicable laws and international best practices.


Leonardo, in addition, actively participates in sectorial industry associations such as the AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe - ASD ("Common Industry Standards" - Common principles against corruption of the companies operating in the Aerospace and Defense sector) and the International Forum for Business Ethical Conduct - IFBEC ("Global principles for business Ethical Conduct" - Global principles of business ethics for companies operating in the Aerospace and Defense sector) that, at European and international level, promote common principles of business ethics.


In Leonardo we have zero tolerance for corruption and for conducts which are not inspired to strict adherence to ethical principles and full observance of laws.


Compliance with ethics, laws and integrity, as well as competing fairly, induce trust and confidence in customers, suppliers, commercial and industrial partners and all the company’s stakeholders and enable us to have success and expand our business all over the world.


Awarding a business through unethical or unlawful conducts always results in a loss and a material damage for the society and for Leonardo’s reputation worldwide.