Safety by Organisation
Our Safety Management approach is reflected in every structure of our internal organisation and throughout our entire business network.

Safety Organisation

Our company is a unique and structured reality, encompassing the full helicopter lifecycle: design and related certification (including supplier management), manufacturing, sales, maintenance and continued airworthiness, training for all personnel, support for accident/incident investigation agencies.


Safety Management System

The Safety Management System (SMS) has been designed to reinforce our capabilities to identify, prevent and predict, proactively and from the bottom up, safety risks by addressing strong signals as well as weak signals – the first being after the event, the latter being early signs – before they can lead to accidents/incidents.


Safety Model

Our safety governance is guaranteed through the Safety Systems Governance (SSG) and by the Safety Management Systems (SMS) embedded in every branch of our organisation. These include those for Design, Production, Maintenance, and Customer Support and Training, as well as for other specific SMS designed as appropriate. These have a unified governance within our single safety identity, whilst maintaining close proximity to their design and operational context. 

Interface with our external stakeholders, including the relevant authorities, as well as customers and suppliers, is part of our global safety management approach. Our SSG addresses all interfaces in a single view, reporting and managing any weak safety signal as soon as it emerges.