Air Traffic Surveillance
for unambiguous identification.

High-performance sensors & data fusion algorithms

Worldwide leader in the development and production of integrated ATM/CNS systems for commercial aviation, we design and develop primary and secondary radar, meteo sensors, operational centres, based on distributed intelligence, multi-tracking systems, and aeronautical communication networks.

Our surveillance services provide reliable positioning information and unambiguous identification of targets thanks to high-performance sensors and sophisticated data fusion algorithms; track/call sign association can be based on multi-lateration data, Mode-S data as well as traditional SSR code.

The primary and secondary ATC radar line of products includes a family of adaptive moving target detector sensors for long or medium range, en-route control, and terminal area approach. The equipment employs a modular design technique in order to be easy accessible for maintenance. Our latest generation Surface Movement Radars is equipped with a solid state modulator.

Key benefits include:

  • Maximum flexibility to facilitate numerous and varied integrated surveillance sources such as radars, multi-lateration, ADS-B and ADS-C
  • Enhanced situational awareness by means of integrated traffic picture and aircraft-derived data
  • Expanded operations on closely spaced parallel runways.


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