Air Traffic Centers
Increased automation & interoperability

From Satcas to Leadinsky

LeadInSky (New Generation Air Traffic Control System) is the latest generation of ATC Systems, an evolution of SATCAS (Systems for ATC Automated Services) merged with a SESAR compliant solution.

The progressive growth of air traffic with a trend of around 6% more flights each year calls for more efficient operations and improved technology through a new generation of ATM Systems. This is why currently Air Traffic Control is moving towards strategic Air Traffic Management, while Air Navigation Service Providers need to be supported in improving their services in terms of efficiency, safety and environmental impact.

LeadInSky has been designed on solid cornerstones in order to meet the most demanding operational requirements and integrates a wide range of innovative products and tools. It provides seamless support to ATM, by integrating state-of-the-art solutions for Ground and En Route ATM, based on the new operational concepts, in accordance with international R&D programmes and developing SESAR compliant solutions.

Key benefits include:


  • High degree of automation and interoperability
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • HMI flexibility for different operational needs (clearance delivery, ground, tower, APP, ACC)
  • Tight integration between ground/ground, ground/air and airside/landside


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