Human Rights

In the performance of our activities and within our operating context, we are committed to upholding the human rights recognised in the Code of Ethics and the Group’s Charter of Values, based on the principles expressed in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Conventions, the OECD guidelines and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and other relevant regulations.

In the three areas of people management, relationships with suppliers and aspects related to the sale and distribution of products, we have adequate processes for avoiding possible violations.




We ensure equal opportunities and fair treatment for all employees based on their skills and abilities, and we prohibit all discrimination and exploitation of child, forced or illegal labour. We protect the dignity of people, guaranteeing political and trade unions rights and the respect of privacy, and we promote the health and safety of workers.

We ask our suppliers to sign the Code of Ethics, the Anti-corruption Code, the Organisational, Management and Control Model and the Supplier Code of Conduct, which prohibit forced labour and human trafficking and which require the protecting of health and safety in the workplace. During the screening process, suppliers are assessed to verify that they meet further requirements related to the protection of employment and people.

We are committed to preventing the risk of illicit practices related to the sale and distribution of our products through the Trade Compliance Programme. Beyond the applicable regulations, Leonardo uses due diligence tools and processes, including the preliminary analysis of potential clients and end users, screening activities to check whether they are on black lists and other checks in the case of transactions with Sensitive Countries. The list of such parties is regularly updated and is available on the company website.