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Leonardo for Schools

A fundraiser open to all Group employees in Italy, aimed at supporting an extensive digitalisation program addressed to Italian schools, one of the sectors most affected by Covid-19.

Leonardo for Schools

The need to turn to distance learning to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic accentuated social inequalities and the digital gap within the Italian school system, especially for children with no access to IT equipment.

This is why Leonardo has decided to commit, not only as a company but as a community of people, to a crowdfunding initiative open to its employees in Italy.

Socially and financially disadvantaged elementary and middle schools will use the donations received to equip their facilities with new PCs and tablets and to set up computer workshops.

The schools will also use these PCs and tablets to teach children who are hospitalised for extended periods of time or placed in juvenile reform centres.

Leonardo's CEO, Alessandro Profumo, has donated his entire 2019 bonus to the initiative.

Responsible Canteens

Responsible Canteens

Through the Responsible Canteens Programme, started in 2013, Leonardo recovers the surplus food produced by its canteens and donates it to the no-profit organisations affiliated to Banco Alimentare Onlus, operating near the company’s sites.

With this good practice, the food surpluses in question are turned into resources, the costs of waste disposal are reduced and a form of collaborative economy and a stable social engagement is established with the beneficiary associations present in the reference areas. Every day, any food not consumed in the canteens is packed, refrigerated and stored, to then be delivered to the volunteers of Banco Alimentare, reaching  the participating organizations within 24 hours.

In 2019, 20 canteens have been involved, together with the same number of no profit organisations.

From 2013 to date, the Programme has allowed to recover an amount of food worthing a total of over 2.3 million euros (in 2019 approximately 180,000 portions of food, in addition to bakery products, fruits and vegetables, were distributed, worth approximately 364,000 euros).

The corporate food collection

The partnership with the Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus has led to the creation of Corporate Food Collection Project.

The corporate food collection

The Corporate Food Collection, organized in 28 Leonardo Italian sites, is supervised by volunteers from the regional branches of the Fondazione Banco Alimentare and by representatives of beneficiary associations already involved in the Responsible Canteens Programme, thus strengthening the link with local stakeholders. In 2018, the project involved 30,000 employees. The food collection totalled 15 tons of donated foodstuffs to 24 beneficiary associations, with an increase of 25% compared to the previous edition.

Volunteering Bulletin Board

Volunteering Bulletin Board

Created as an internal online platform to build a channel of communication between employees interested in the world of volunteering, the Bulletin Board serves as a “matching tool” between demand and supply of volunteering activities, that allows the exchange of time, skills and goods.

Thanks to the Bulletin Board, employees who already carry out volunteering activities can share their experiences and post notices in which they seek new volunteers on behalf of the associations with which they collaborate, while others can communicate their willingness to carry out non-profit work. The Bulletin Board works as a true “solidarity engine” powered by the people of Leonardo, supporting and nurturing the desire to share social commitments with other employees. 

The Bulletin Board gave voice to those Leonardo’s people who chose to continue to volunteering during the Covid-19 emergency. The notices published on the bulletin board put a spotlight on the specific activities carried out by the associations to face the emergency, in order to continue supporting the disadvantaged and make sure that the physical distancing imposed by the sanitary emergency did not become social distancing, isolation, fear and greater inequality. 
Thanks to the network of employees using the Bulletin Board, the in-house initiative known as “Volunteering Stories” was also developed. It consists of a series of written accounts by the people of Leonardo, who decided to share their practical, but also their intimate and the emotional aspects of volunteering. These Stories gave substance to the solidarity merely glimpsed through the Bulletin Board, and have served as a source of inspiration for many other people at Leonardo who have chosen to share their experiences too, thus helping to foster a corporate culture of solidarity and volunteering. 

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