Museo Agusta

The Museo Agusta covers the 100 years of history of a company that, through a strong passion for innovation and impossible challenges, has transformed from an aeronautical maintenance company into a world leader first in motorbikes and then in helicopters.

Managed by the namesake "Fondazione Museo Agusta", the museum, originated in 2003 in Cascina Costa di Samarate (Varese), is divided into three sections: the motorbikes section, which houses many examples of the MV Agusta including the originals that won several world championships; the helicopter section, with the helicopters  that have made the company a world leading manufacturer in this field, and the Villa Agusta, which houses since 2012 an incredible historical archive full of documents, photographs, slides, magazines and technical drawings.

The Superintendent of Archives of the Lombardy Region has recognised the historical and cultural value of the archive collections preserved therein.

This stunning collection of aeronautical-helicopter and motorbike memorabilia, engines, experimental machines, posters and industrial designs celebrates the brilliant ideas of those who had the courage to take them forward and the foresight of those who believed in them. 

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Museo Agusta