I ragazzi del '76 – Vite parallele di Gustavo Stefanini e Sergio Ricci

Charisma, managerial capacity, rigor, courage, entrepreneurial spirit, and a sense of honour, are the words that appear most often in the book by Laura Maragnani "I ragazzi del '76 – Vite parallele di Gustavo Stefanini e Sergio Ricci" describing  the personality of Stefanini, the "father" of the company from La Spezia, and his friend, associate, and successor, Ricci: two men who were able to bring OTO Melara to levels high enough to make it a recognized trademark around the world.

They were men who made "not appear" their managerial ethics: first you do things, then you talk about it, that way there is no risk of someone stealing your idea or not letting you realize it. No interviews with newspapers, no archives, with the risk that important stories such as that of OTO Melara could be lost.

Oral testimony is what remains, which the author set out to record in this book: the accounts and memoir of those who lived that the story, of those who helped turn Oto Melara into a great company, of those who observed characters like Stefanini and Ricci from "close up".