We have been pursuing a path of sustainability that integrates environmental issues into our business strategies. We monitor our industrial sites and develop innovative products and solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, contributing with our cutting-edge technologies to the study, prevention and mitigation of the effects of climate change in the frame of national and international collaborations.

The Environment, Health and Safety Integrated Policy and the Energy Management Policy report the main objectives of the Group:

  • to consolidate, in the conduct of business, environmental responsibility, undertaking the commitment to reducing the impacts throughout production activities and business facilities in order to minimise greenhouse gas emissions and pursue a sustainable use of energy and natural resources;
  • adopt measures for the continuous reduction and prevention of pollution and wastage, minimizing the production of waste and favouring its recycling or reuse;
  • identify and assess the risks and environmental aspects associated with the activities, monitoring and improving the adopted management standards;
  • disseminate and promote environmental sustainability through internal and external communication tools, awareness-raising, information and training initiatives.

In accordance with the Environment, Health and Safety Integrated Policy, Leonardo:

  • considers the environmental aspects in the development of new products and services, utilizing materials and technological solutions aimed at reducing carbon emissions, minimizing the quantity of the used materials, reducing the use of hazardous substances and fostering its recycle or reuse under a circular economy perspective;

  • promotes green mobility and logistics providing charging stations in its own sites, preferring hybrid/electric vehicles in the car fleet and encouraging the use of sustainable transport means;

  • evaluates the environmental aspects and relevant risks through specific due diligence related to extraordinary transactions and /or acquisitions;

  • uses the most advanced technologies and regulations in health, safety and workplace hygiene, ensuring the compliance with the highest standards, and promotes the adoption of responsible behaviours and the awareness about relevant risks among employees;

  • ensures that all the activities along its supply chain are managed in accordance to the principles and commitments set out in the Environment, Health and Safety Integrated Policy, assessing suppliers also on the aspects of environmental and social sustainability;

  • expects other partners (including joint ventures) to operate to consistent standards according to such principles and commitments.

The specific field of application of our environmental management systems and the related policies that detail objectives and targets, in accordance with Leonardo's policy, are available, on request, for interested parties.