Our approach

Sustainability is the thread that connects everything we do today with the world we will live in tomorrow.

In the Aerospace, Defence and Security sector, we are used to anticipating needs and perspectives with a 10-20, even 30-years horizon. A time frame that makes us even more aware of our role in the Countries we live in and of our responsibility to future generations. 

Need for security, digital transformation, evolution of key skills, climate change: Leonardo's answers to a constantly evolving scenario are in our technological solutions and in our business model.



Be Tomorrow – Leonardo 2030 is our strategic plan: it is an organic vision of the world, clarifying how we see ourselves in the future, drawing on our strength as a leader in industry and technology. A responsibility that we take, immediate and factual, in a ten years timeframe, towards all of those stakeholders that are counting on us as driver of development, safety and progress.

This is our purpose , which leads our roadmap: to strive for a sustainable progress in a safer world.

Technological innovation is a key element for us, that drives our strategy in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the European Green Deal.

The central role of Sustainability

Roberto Cingolani, Leonardo Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, tells us about the Sustainability Plan contained in Leonardo's Masterplan 2030.

The central role of Sustainability



Through our business model, we manage a complex value chain and offer high-tech solutions for the different operative scenarios of our customers, ensuring quality and safety. A business model that, with its key processes, aims to intercept the technological areas relevant for the future, investing on the people and the competencies to manage them, through the Leonardo Labs; to support our supply chain to make it solid and trustworthy; to promote eco-efficiency of products and processes, safeguarding the environment. Relying on a responsible business model, through a culture of integrity and transparency. 

Our capitals, tangible and intangible, are precious resources we manage with our business model: the skills and dedication of our people, the quality of our suppliers, the trust of investors and customers, the fruitful relations with territories, communities and institutions. Resources that we consider in an integrated and holistic perspective.

Through economic, financial, social and environmental indicators, we measure our results against the sustainability targets that we have set, aiming ultimately at creating positive impacts for all our stakeholders and contributing to the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda (Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs).







The Sustainability and Innovation Committee, composed of four non-executive and independent Directors, verifies the pursuit of the objectives of the Sustainability Plan (in coordination with the Control and Risks Committee), promotes stakeholder engagement, examines the general approach of the Consolidated Non-Financial Statement (Sustainability and Innovation Report), supports the Company in assessing technological capabilities and in the creation of academic and research networks, as well as other duties as illustrated in the Committee Rules of Procedure

The Group Management Committee, composed of the first organizational levels, is responsible for determining the sustainability objectives and implementing them, defining the actions in the respective areas of competence. 

The Sustainability Ambassadors network contributes to the implementation of the sustainability strategy, providing support in initiatives and projects at central and local level. They are appointed by the first organisational levels and coordinated by the Sustainability unit.



Sustainability Contacts
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Email: sustainability@leonardocompany.com