Our approach

In the face of the continuous evolution of the scenarios in which we live - from the geopolitical and economic environment to climate change, from digitalisation to the skills of the future - Leonardo’s sustainability for us is the constant search for a balance between the resources at our disposal and the challenges we are called upon to face. 
It means being a responsible company, investing in people and skills, a catalyst for innovation, a reliable partner for customers, local communities and manufacturing districts in Aerospace, Defence and Security. With these sustainability objectives, which are the basis of Leonardo’s Industrial Plan, we direct our actions every day, conducting our business responsibly. We contribute to the development of the territories in which we are present and to the creation of quality jobs, we promote the dissemination of scientific citizenship, we guarantee the safety of citizens and infrastructure, we support competitiveness and technological progress, while respecting the limits that the environment places on us and providing solutions to prevent and mitigate the effects of climate change.



Sustainability targets
The Italian Aerospace, Defence and Security industry (Executive Summary)





The Nomination, Governance and Sustainability Committee of which the majority is independent, carries out proactive and advisory functions to the Board of Directors in the fields of sustainability. It also verifies, in coordination with the Control and Risks Committee, the pursuit of the sustainability objectives and their consistency with the Industrial Plan.

The Group Management Committee, composed of the first organizational levels, is responsible for determining the sustainability objectives and implementing them, defining the actions in the respective areas of competence. It includes the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Stakeholder Officer who oversees the issues of Sustainability.

The Sustainability Ambassadors network contributes to the implementation of the sustainability strategy, providing support in initiatives and projects at central and local level. They are appointed by the first organisational levels and coordinated by the Sustainability unit.



Sustainability Contacts
Piazza Monte Grappa, 4
00195 Rome - Italy

Raffaella Luglini
Chief Stakeholder Officer

Manuel Liotta
Head of Sustainability
Tel. +39 0632473666