Our Managers

Giovanni De Gennaro
Alessandro Profumo
Chief Executive Officer
Fabio Barsotti
Manufacturing and Program Management Optimization Director
Norman Bone
Managing Director of the Electronics Division
Roberto Cingolani
Chief Technology & Innovation Officer
Lucio Valerio Cioffi
Managing Director of the Aircraft Division
Gian Piero Cutillo
Managing Director of the Helicopter Division
Marco Di Capua
Chief Audit Executive
Carlo Formosa
International Relations Director
Alessandra Genco
Chief Financial Officer
Simonetta Iarlori
Chief People, Organization and Transformation Officer
Salvatore Lampone
Chief Risk Officer
William J. Lynn III
Chief Executive Officer of Leonardo DRS
Raffaella Luglini
Chief Stakeholder Officer
Lorenzo Mariani
Chief Commercial Officer
Paolo Messa
Italian Institutional Affairs Director
Andrea Parrella
Group General Counsel
Luigi Pasquali
Coordinator of Space Activities
Barbara Poggiali
Managing Director of the Cyber Security Division
Tommaso Profeta
Chief Security Officer
Enrico Savio
Chief Strategy and Market Intelligence Officer
Giancarlo Schisano
Managing Director of the Aerostructures Division
Laurent Sissmann
Unmanned Systems Manager
Giovanni Soccodato
Chief Strategic Equity Officer
Marco Zoff
Chief Procurement and Supply Chain Officer