Responsible business conduct

Over the years we have built an integrated responsible business conduct model with the aim to prevent the risk of illicit practices, at all work levels and in any geographical area, by disseminating and promoting our ethical values as well as by defining clear rules of conduct and implementing effective control processes, in line with the requirements set forth by applicable laws and international best practices. The best practices include the "Common Industry Standards” Common principles against corruption of the companies operating in the Aerospace and Defense sector (ASD- AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe) and the "Global principles for business Ethical Conduct" of the companies operating in the Aerospace and Defense sector (IFBEC - International Forum for Business Ethical Conduct).

In order to improve constantly our business conduct, we collaborate with organisations such as TRACE International and the Institute of Business Ethics.

Our integrated model for responsible business conduct is based on a system of rules and internal codes, including the Charter of Values, the Code of Ethics, the Anti-corruption Code, the Whistleblowing Management Guidelines, the Organizational, Management and Control Models pursuant to Leg. Decree no. 231/2001 for Leonardo Spa and the Italian subsidiaries, as well as the compliance programs in line with local laws.

Continuous training

We invest in the training of our people with the objective to raise awareness of expected behaviour and reinforce our model for responsible business conduct. We carry out training differentiated for the different functions, from the Board of Directors, to managers and employees, available in in the languages of our domestic markets (Italian, English and Polish).

In this respect, the Compliance Council is a core moment for the Company, in which the Top Management along with internal and external specialists take part. The business and trade compliance topics dealt with during the Compliance Council are disseminated throughout the Divisions by means of dedicated workshops.

Internal Controls

The Group Internal Audit organizational unit, reporting to the Board of Directors, supports the control bodies in assessing the adequacy and the effectiveness of the functioning of the internal control and risk management system.

According to the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (specifically Standard nr. 1300), at the end of 2016 Leonardo’s Chief Audit Executive undertook a quality assurance and improvement program of the internal audit activity. The program includes, according to International Standards of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), both internal, on an ongoing basis, and external assessment conducted at least once every 5 years by a qualified, third party independent assessor.

The Chief Audit Executive communicates annually the results of both internal and external assessments to the Board of Directors, the Control and Risk Committee and the Board of Statutory Auditors.