Our Managers

Stefano Amoroso

Communication Director  →

Fabio Barsotti

Manufacturing and Program Management Optimization Director  →

Norman Bone

Chair and CEO of Leonardo UK  →

Zaira Burlo

Customer Support, Services & Training Director  →

Giacinto Carullo

Chief Procurement & Supply Chain Officer  →

Gian Piero Cutillo

Managing Director of the Helicopter Division  →

Pasquale Di Bartolomeo

Chief Commercial Officer  →

Marco Di Capua

Chief Audit Executive  →

Sem Fabrizi

Diplomatic Advisor and International Relations Director  →

Alessandra Genco

Chief Financial Officer  →

Filippo Maria Grasso

Italian Institutional Affairs Director  →

Simonetta Iarlori

Chief People, Organization and Transformation Officer  →

Salvatore Lampone

Chief Risk Officer  →

William J. Lynn III

Chief Executive Officer of Leonardo DRS  →

Andrea Parrella

Group General Counsel  →

Luigi Pasquali

Coordinator of Space Activities  →

Enrico Peruzzi

New Business Development and Country Support Director  →

Gabriele Pieralli

Managing Director of the Electronics Division  →

Tommaso Profeta

Managing Director of the Cyber Security Division  →

Andrea Salpietro

Chief Security Officer  →

Enrico Savio

Chief Strategy & Market Intelligence Officer

Giancarlo Schisano

Managing Director of the Aerostructures Division  →

Laurent Sissmann

Unmanned Systems Manager  →

Giovanni Soccodato

Chief Strategic Equity Officer  →

Marco Zoff

Managing Director of the Aircraft Division