Independent Auditing Firm

The statutory auditing of accounts is entrusted, in accordance with the law,  to an independent Auditing Firm. This task is assigned by the Shareholders’ Meeting, following a reasoned proposal by the Board of Statutory Auditors, with particular reference to the following activities:

  • audit of the Separate Financial Statements of Leonardo Spa;
  • audit of the Consolidated  Financial Statements of the Leonardo Group;
  • limited audit of the Consolidated half-year Financial Report of the Leonardo Group;
  • periodic assessment of the regular keeping of the corporate accounts.

The Shareholders’ Meeting on May 16, 2012 resolved to entrust to KPMG SpA the statutory auditing of accounts for the 2012-2020 period.
The aforementioned office will expire at the Shareholders' Meeting approval of the Financial Statements at December 31, 2020.
The Shareholders' Meeting on May 20, 2020 resolved the assignment of the audit task for the nine-year period 2021-2029 to EY S.p.A.