Life at Leonardo

We believe in the value and skills of our people
Technological innovation and global competition require ideas, skills and passion. People are our greatest asset. Results stem from teamwork where the personal and creative contribution of each person plays a key role.

Leonardo's strength lies in its people: women and men who drive the growth and improvement of the Company every day by advocating behaviours that are consistent with the Group's value system.

Here at Leonardo:

  • We work in an honest, loyal and reliable way;
  • We support the professional growth of our people and reward those who seek and nurture Leonardo's success;
  • Our mindset is oriented towards constant technological progress through the creation and implementation of  cutting-edge solutions;
  • We have a global presence, we respect each country's culture and advocate a culture of inclusion and respect for diversity within the Company;
  • Our industrial approach is sustainable thanks to our unwavering commitment to economic and social development of the communities in which we operate and to the protection of health and the environment.

One large team

One large team

International, multicultural, innovative, technological. The beating heart of Leonardo is made up of over 49,000 people in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Leonardo believes its strength lies in the coming together of diverse cultures, which enriches all involved. For this reason, international mobility is an integral part of the professional development path established by the Company.

We employ over 10,000 aeronautical, aerospace, electronics, mechanical, information technology and telecommunications engineers. It is through the development of these highly qualified scientific resources, that Leonardo is able to guarantee the technological excellence that makes it one of the major global players in the Aerospace, Defence and Security industries.




We share knowledge in order to grow together with our people

Through training and skills development programmes, we invest in the future of our people and those of Leonardo

We share knowledge in order to grow together with our people

In this ever-changing context of business, we are committed to providing a work environment that rewards merit and competence, offering everyone the opportunity to recognise and develop their talent so that it becomes an integral and functional part of an ambitious shared design.

Targeted development and training initiatives accompany people throughout their professional career, with the aim of identifying and enhancing the best talents and enriching the skills and competences of the entire company population. Training and development programmes on the values and key competences of the Group (Accelerate), initiatives aimed at enhancing individual professional paths and supporting internal mobility (Job Posting), projects aimed at transferring knowledge and enhancing the skills of our best professionals (Faculty).

These are just a few examples of the programmes through which Leonardo invests in its people and enhances their know-how, to make them increasingly able to respond to new challenges posed by the market, first and foremost that of continuous innovation.

Through personal development and training we also wish to instil our set of values and behaviours,  an integral part of Leonardo's DNA,  with the  Leonardo Leadership Framework, building a single identity around a common culture.

Pride in being part of Leonardo

Pride in being part of Leonardo

Through listening and the continuous involvement of people we support the Group's growth and the change processes.


In Leonardo, the construction of a distinctive and multicultural identity is based on listening and on the continuous involvement of people, key elements in support of the integration and change processes of the Group. 
The listening and action model put in place makes it possible to identify the company’s strengths and areas for improvement and to launch targeted actions in response to the priorities for action that have emerged, verifying their effectiveness over time. 

At the beginning of 2019, in particular, we carried out an anonymous survey aimed at all employees worldwide, which confirmed the high level of engagement of our people and their pride in working at Leonardo.
Thanks to the survey, we were also able to assess the confidence of our employees in Leonardo’s commitment to the integrity of the business, explored further with some specific questions also on the possibility of reporting any unethical behaviour without fear of retaliation. 
In response to the results that emerged, a specific action plan was launched that involved all the Divisions, Companies and Professional Areas of the Group.




We value diversity and inclusion

We foster a multicultural and inclusive work environment that respects and promotes diversity.

We value diversity and inclusion

We guarantee equal opportunity and fair treatment for all employees based on their individual skills and abilities. We prohibit any interaction or relationship with whoever is involved in illegal or forced labour or in child exploitation and ensure that all our suppliers do the same. The health and safety of our personnel is a priority and we protect of dignity our people, and respect their privacy.

We are strongly committed to building a diverse workforce, including increasing the number of female employees at Leonardo, at all levels. This is reflected by women holding a range of senior executive roles around the world, and our female workforce growing year-on-year.

Leonardo considers diversity to be of value and offers everyone the opportunity to express their talent, respecting and valuing the unique contribution of each employee.


Our Welfare

Our Welfare

We foster and protect the welfare of our people by offering services and initiatives that aim to effectively meet their needs, including outside the workplace.

Around the world, we have dedicated welfare packages that can include pension plans, health insurance plans for employees and their immediate family, and employee assistance programmes offering staff health consultation services, financial and legal support, and parenting counselling. 

Health and safety at the forefront

Health and Safety of our employees is paramount to our commitment to sustainable growth

Health and safety at the forefront

Whoever works for us or with us will find that our health and safety regulations are stricter than the specific  regulations requirements of every country where we operate. We have developed  an Environment, Health and Safety Integrated Policy, that covers employees and contractors in all our manufacturing sites and offices, that we implement with dedicated awareness campaigns and continuous training activities.




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Inside our factories

Step inside the Leonardo factory and meet the people who, day after day, contribute to making Leonardo a company at the cutting-edge of technology.