Our rewarding policy is built with the aim of attracting and motivating resources with professional qualities and competences to contribute to the achievement of company results and creating value for shareholders.

The Leonardo rewarding policy ensure:

  • Compliance with Transparency and Merit system principles
  • The remuneration package alignment with international market best practices 
  • Attracting / Retaining resources regarded by the Leonardo Group as key performers 

The compensation package is composed of a combination of the following elements:

Fixed Remuneration: is such that it adequately remunerates the services provided and is proportioned to the assigned duties and responsibilities.
Variable Remuneration: is divided into an annual short-term component (MBO scheme) for the managerial population, and a long-term component, reserved exclusively for a key manager population.

MBO Scheme (Management by Objective) is focused on achieving the short term objectives underlying the Company's Business Plan.

Long Term Incentive Plan is aimed to encourage the Group's strategic resources to improve their performance, in the medium/long term, with regard to both financial performance and value creation for the shareholders.


The yearly Salary Review process, a fixed remuneration management tool, has the following objectives:

  1. Ensure a uniform and consistent remuneration treatment that guarantees the principles of equity, competitiveness, transparency and meritocracy in absolute consistency with the values and the principles at the base if the company’s governance and corporate remuneration policy;
  2. Support the culture of performance to guarantee the self-actualization and retention of resources, directing them to achieve the expected results according to the principles of integrity and fairness; 
  3. Balance the fixed component of the remuneration with the variable part in line with the actual value and responsibilities of the covered role.