People survey

We listen to different points of view

Through listening and the continuous involvement of people we support the Group's growth and the change processes.

In Leonardo, the construction of a distinctive and multicultural identity is based on listening and on the continuous involvement of people, key elements in support of the integration and change processes of the Group. 
The listening and action model put in place makes it possible to identify the company’s strengths and areas for improvement and to launch targeted actions in response to the priorities for action that have emerged, verifying their effectiveness over time. 

At the beginning of 2019, in particular, we carried out an anonymous survey aimed at all employees worldwide, which confirmed the high level of engagement of our people and their pride in working at Leonardo.
Thanks to the survey, we were also able to assess the confidence of our employees in Leonardo’s commitment to the integrity of the business, explored further with some specific questions also on the possibility of reporting any unethical behaviour without fear of retaliation. 
In response to the results that emerged, a specific action plan was launched that involved all the Divisions, Companies and Professional Areas of the Group.