Integrity for Leonardo

Leonardo’s employees evaluation model (Performance and Development Management - PDM) and the related incentive scheme (Management by Objectives, career progression) are based on the Leadership Framework, which includes, among others, the pillar of  Integrity in business  for the evaluation of ethical aspects. Integrity in business means acting in an ethical manner, at the same time rejecting unethical behaviour and corrupt practices by all employees at all levels, in line with the commitment to embrace the Company’s policy of zero tolerance towards corruption.
All bonuses and incentive schemes for all Leonardo employees must always be reasonable and proportionate to employees' salaries so as not to unduly encourage a "win at all costs" attitude among employees based upon disproportionately large financial incentives for success.
Leonardo and the Group Companies do not penalize any employee for losing a competition or not achieving his/her sales target, if such loss of business is a consequence of the employee’s compliance with Leonardo’s Anti-corruption Management System and Code of Ethics. 
In addition to other penalties for failure to comply with Leonardo's Anti-Corruption Code and Code of Ethics in performing his or her duties, an employee who violates these principles will be subject to the loss or claw-back of any incentive payment that the employee is eligible for or has received for the year in which the non-compliant behaviour occurred.