Growth opportunity

We share knowledge in order to grow together with our people

Through training and skills development programmes, we invest in our people’s future and Leonardo’s tomorrow.

In this ever-changing context of business, we are committed to providing a work environment that rewards merit and competence, offering everyone the opportunity to recognise and develop their talent so that it becomes an integral and functional part of an ambitious shared design.

Targeted development and training initiatives accompany people throughout their professional career, with the aim of identifying and enhancing the best talents and enriching the skills and competences of the entire company population. Training and development programmes on the values and key competences of the Group (Accelerate), initiatives aimed at enhancing individual professional paths and supporting internal mobility (Job Posting), projects aimed at transferring knowledge and enhancing the skills of our best professionals (Faculty).

These are just a few examples of the programmes through which Leonardo invests in its people and enhances their know-how, to make them increasingly able to respond to new challenges posed by the market, first and foremost that of continuous innovation.

Through personal development and training we also wish to instil our set of values and behaviours,  an integral part of Leonardo's DNA,  with the  Leonardo Leadership Framework, building a single identity around a common culture.

The agreement with Coursera for the continuous training of its employees

Thanks to the agreement with Coursera, the world’s leading digital platform for the use of MOOC (Massive Online Open Courses) courses, Leonardo strengthened its training initiatives for its people, in line with its corporate strategy that sees employees and their professional and individual growth as a key element for the Company’s development and sustainability.

Through Coursera’s wide educational offerings – which includes more than 4,500 courses in 11 thematic areas and around 500 specialisation programmes – Leonardo allows its employees worldwide to access multiple training courses, in the name of life-long learning attitude, continuous learning process adaptable to the needs of individuals, and to allow the acquisition of new skills, not only professional, but also personal.

Leonardo’s employees have unlimited access to the extensive Coursera catalogue, the courses are 50% linked to Leonardo’s Competence Management System and provided by 211 of the most prestigious Universities and Hi-Tech companies in the world

In addition, every employee has the possibility to obtain certifications, issued by Coursera on behalf of the Universities or Hi-Tech partner companies, and publish them directly on their LinkedIn profile. 

Through this tool Leonardo enhances significantly the use of Mobile Learning, a form of learning which involves the use of mobile supports, to allow continuous access to learning processes.