Aircraft Operational Training

Aircraft Operational Training

We build pilots and maintainers


Leonardo's Aircraft Division offers pilot and maintainer training courses that enable operators to use their aircraft in the most effective way, helping customers achieve and sustain operational capabilities.


From initial training to increasing skills and up to achieving instructor ratings, training courses are an integral part of the product offered to its customers.


The Division's courses can be held on company plants, taking advantage of the latest flight simulators and training aids, or directly at customer facilities. In either case, courses leverage its over one hundred years of experience in the design and production of commercial and military aircraft that translate innovative technologies into advanced performance.




Leonardo's Aircraft Division offers a complete range of aircrew training courses, including operators for the various roles aboard multicrew aircraft or for special missions.

Training programmes are structured according to the best international military training practices and can be fully tailored to specific customer requirements.

In order to transfer the knowledge required to fly sorties and perform operational tasks with the highest levels of safety, training packages comprise three main phases: Academics, Flight Simulator Sorties and Flight Training Sorties.

The Aircraft Division's aircrew course portfolio currently includes:

Ab Initio Night Vision Training
Type Rating Mission Operator
Post-rating training Tactical Coordinator (TACCO)
Instructor Rating Logistic Transport
Currency Refresh Loadmaster
Functional Check Flight (FCF)  




Ground crew training follows a structured approach, specified in the training program and implemented through classes that include classroom lectures with instructors, interactive coursework materials and on the job training.

The Aircraft Division currently offers the following ground crew courses for every aircraft type it builds:

Ab Initio Avionics Specialist
Aircraft Maintenance Manager Armament Specialist
Crew Chief Propulsion Specialist
System Specialist Engine Runner
Airframe Specialist Maintenance Instructor


Leonardo Aircraft Ground crew training is certified by the Italian Ministry of Defence under regulation AER (EP) P-2147 “Approval of organizations providing training for military aircraft and/or aircraft components”.



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