Thales Alenia Space in L'Aquila - a new "home" for space activities

Thales Alenia Space in L'Aquila - a new

Four years after the earthquake that left the old plant unfit for use, and just two years after the first brick of the new premises was laid, Thales Alenia Space has opened one of the safest and most innovative European space facilities in L'Aquila. More than 300 technicians and engineers will be working there and it will be Italy's main site for the production of electronics for the space industry.




"This site is the symbol of industrial rebirth in an area we are closely connected to," stated a delighted Elisio Prette, Chairman and CEO of Thales Alenia Space Italia. "It also represents the continuation of high technology progress, with new industrial opportunities and ambitions that put our company at the forefront of the European space sector."


This is a winning bet on the future, which Thales/Finmeccanica is able to make thanks to everybody's contribution - employees, customers, shareholders, institutions and the territory. The industrial complex extends over 16,000 sq m and includes laboratories, clean rooms, and offices designed for employees to work in complete safety. The complex has also been built in compliance with the newest and most stringent anti-earthquake requirements.


Production areas have been designed in a reconfigurable fashion according to “LEAN” design principles, to create continuous workflows and meet the most varied requirements relating to production volume and technology. In terms of energy savings, the site has been built with heat recovery systems and construction materials that minimize heat losses and satisfy general environmental sustainability criteria.


This remarkable financial, structural and technological investment will guarantee Thales Alenia Space increased production capacity in the field of electronic equipment, hybrids, antennas and structures in composite materials for all space applications.

L'Aquila 03/12/2013