PzH 2000

PzH 2000

The PzH 2000 is a 155 L52 SeIf Propelled Howitzer providing Artillery Regiments and Rapid Reaction Forces with the best mix of fire power, mobility and protection available today.



The main characteristics of the system are:

- rapid reaction with largely autonomous fire control;

- high hit accuracy and rate of fire using standard 155mm NATO ammunition;

- optimum protection with high mobility and transportability on the battlefield;

- automatic handling of a large number of shells;

- high operational availability;

- multi rounds simultaneous impact (MRSI).


The PzH 2000 is the first self propelled howitzer qualified for the installation of a 155mm L52 gun in accordance with the Joint Ballistic Memorandum of Understanding (FR, GE, IT, UK, USA). 

Achievable effective ranges are 30 Km with 155mm NATO standard shells and up to 40 Km with rocket assisted projectiles.

The 155mm L52 gun includes a chromium-plated barrel, semi-automatic Iifting breech block with integrated 32-round standard primer magazine.

Safety-relevant gun functions, including chamber temperature, are monitored automatically and data are used and displayed, if necessary, to control the automatic shell loading system. In addition to modular uni-charges, all standard NATO bag charges may be used.

The 736 kW powerpack, with 8 cylinder direct injection supercharged diesel engine gives the PzH 2000 great mobility with maximum speed of over 60 km/h at a cruising range of 420 km. 

The armour steel of the turret and chassis combined with anti-radiation liner and, optionally, roof tiles, provide a very high level of crew protection.

Technical specifications