On-line Customer Services

On-line Customer Services

Web-Defence Systems Division Service provides customer logistic support and technical information via the Internet through a collaborative website.
We have developed this new e-service in order to be closer to the customer’s needs and to provide efficient and effective support engineering to the in-service systems.


The array of solutions provided  by the Web-Defence Systems Division Service are as follows:


For the maintenance department, to:

- Download technical documentation

- Receive on-line training and technical documentation assistance

- Receive on-line technical assistance (i.e. monitor a replacement item or repair work, etc.)

- Consult spare parts catalogue


For the Army Materiel Command, to:

- Check the current configurations of the systems and all engineering changes

- Receive  tailored upgrading/modernization kits information

- Track an order in real time


These e-services solutions are available either as part of a life cycle support contract or as a specific proposal tailored to the customer’s requirements.
To have access to our e-services, Defence Systems Division has developed a personalized standard smart card  which guarantees the integrity of all operations.