Whitehead MU90

Il siluro italo-francese MU90

The lightweight torpedo MU90/IMPACT confirms WASS International profile; in fact, the MU90 is the result of the Italian-French co-operation that started in 1991 after signing an agreement for the development and design of a joint arming system between the two European countries.

The name MU90 was born from the combination of the Italian torpedo A290 (at that time under development with the purpose of replacing the A244) with the French torpedo Murène.

The lightweight torpedo has been designed and constructed with the most advanced technologies to oppose both conventional and nuclear submarines and it is a “launch-and-forget” anti-submarine weapon that can be launched both from ships and aircrafts.


The inertial system implemented for the control and guidance of this weapon is based on the “strap-down” technology that optimizes its possibility of being maneuvered and controlled in the space, thus enabling it to perform extremely accurate manoeuvers.

The MU90, a highly autonomous weapon, can navigate both in deep and shallow waters even up to 3 m. and it is not even influenced by special salinity or temperature conditions.