Leonardo establishes "Leonardo Corporate Lounge": a partnership with ELITE, Borsa Italiana to foster suppliers' sustainable growth

Leonardo establishes
  • Leonardo signed an agreement with ELITE, Borsa Italiana – London Stock Exchange Group, founding the "Leonardo Corporate Lounge": an environment dedicated to Leonardo’s suppliers to support their sustainable growth   
  • Marco Zoff, Leonardo Chief Procurement & Supply Chain Officer: "Proud to be the first industrial Italian company to launch the ELITE program reserved to our supply chain, demonstrating our tangible commitment to support the growth of our best suppliers"
  • The agreement is part of the supply chain optimization and strengthening path, already started with LEAP2020 program, in line with the objectives of Leonardo’s Industrial Plan 2018-2022


Leonardo signed an agreement with ELITE, Borsa Italiana - London Stock Exchange Group, to support and accelerate the growth of its many suppliers


ELITE is the international program by the London Stock Exchange Group dedicated to ambitious companies with promising business models and clear growth strategies. ELITE provides access to funding opportunities, increases a company’s visibility and attractiveness, connects them with potential investors and supports management teams through cultural and organizational change.   


The partnership includes the creation of the "Leonardo Corporate Lounge": a special place built to meet the needs of Leonardo’s supply chain by defining a path to support their sustainable growth. Thanks to an integrated collaboration model, ELITE will offer to "Leonardo Corporate Lounge" companies an international program to train and mentor them towards management, strategy and governance growth; and to facilitate their access to funding sources. ELITE represents a new tool for the sustainable development of Leonardo’s supply chain.


Marco Zoff, Leonardo Chief Procurement & Supply Chain Officer, underlined: “We are proud to be the first industrial Italian company to launch the ELITE program for our supply chain. The choice of a major partner such as ELITE to support our best suppliers demonstrates our desire to continue along the path of developing their capabilities, already started with the LEAP2020 program (Leonardo Empowering Advanced Partnership 2020). In line with the 2018-2022 Industrial Plan, LEAP2020 is aimed at strengthening Leonardo’s business sustainability through the reconsideration and optimization of the supply chain”.


LEAP2020 objective is to foster suppliers’ growth in terms of scale and quality through a new industrial and supply chain approach increasing business sustainability and performance. At the same time, the country system will gain more solid companies, with a more stable investment horizon, more able to innovate and compete on a worldwide level. 


The agreement with ELITE will support Leonardo's supply chain by facilitating contact between suppliers of the LEAP2020 program and other industrial companies, encouraging networking and increasing information sharing among industrial ecosystems. Partners showing innovation excellence and potential for expansion will go through a management training process to strengthen their industrial culture. Furthermore, thanks to the program, companies will have access to financial resources that will facilitate their dimensional growth initiatives

Rome 18/02/2019 09:00