IBIS is a small rotary wing UAV system able to carry out surveillance and tactical reconnaissance tasks and missions.

Due to its dimensions it belongs to Mini-UAV Class.

IBIS configuration is based on a conventional helicopter concept: the main rotor provides thrust for cruise flight, hovering and control while the tail rotor provides yaw moment compensation and stabilization.

IBIS is propelled by an electric motor and is equipped with an optical sensor.

IBIS electric propulsion is a key factor for better vehicle stealthy performances with respect to:

  • Acoustic Signature, as the emitted noise is generated only by the flow perturbation produced by the blades motion;
  • Infra-Red Signature, as neither combustion nor high temperature exhausts and fumes are present;
  • Optical Signature, because of small platform size and external shape configuration.

IBIS can be tele-operated and/or it can work in Automatic Mode;


IBIS is equipped with an Autopilot that can manage:


  • Way Point Navigation
  • Loitering Procedure
  • Automatic Take Off and Landing.


Technical specifications