Forty Light

FORTY LIGHT system, thanks to the extremely reduced mass, to the small dimension, to the easy installation (no deck penetration required) and thanks to modern and completely digital technology plays a leading role as a 40 mm naval system. The full integration between high rate of fire and modern programmable ammunitions let the system engage efficiently and effectively a large number of targets. In particular  the high operative flexibility allows to cover the most differentiated roles, typical of modern naval scenarios: generic surface treats engage, fast crafts, anti-ships helicopters and fast attacking aircrafts as well as various missiles typologies.

The gun mount operates with a high fire rate 40 mm cannon fed through a 72 ready to fire rounds magazine capable to manage a dual feeding ammunition system.

The system can be set up according to three different configuration based on customer requirements.

In remote control mode (Type A) the system is completely slaved to the shipboard Command Management  System and the short reaction time in conjunction with the high accuracy guarantee excellent performances. The last generation digital architecture satisfies all the requirements coming from the modern transmission technologies (serial link/LAN).

If a local emergency control is required in addition to the remote control mode it is possible to adopt the coaxial configuration (Type B) that  foresees an high performance daylight camera installed on gun mount. This camera allows the system control in an emergency autonomous mode if the CMS is not available.

If a completely autonomous mode is required is possible to adopt a Stand Alone with Micro Fire Control System (MFCS) configuration (Type C) based on independent line of aim Sensor Suite provided with a daylight sensor, a cooled IR sensor and a LRF (laser Range Finder). The system integrates a predictive ballistic calculation based on muzzle velocity radar installed on the gun mount. An auto tracking module, capable of identify and aim an acquired target, can be installed as optional. The fully CMS slaved mode is still available and selectable.

If required a ballistic calculation system is available as optional also for Type A and Type B configuration.

In conclusion FORTY LIGHT system provides all the expected 40 mm ammunition performance with the advantage of a compact, versatile and flexible structure typical of smaller caliber system. Moreover the modern design fulfils the increasing needs of easy maintainability and management.