AW139: a success story in technology, reliability and versatility

AW139: a success story in technology, reliability and versatility

Advanced technology, high performance, reliability, safety, versatility and large cabin space: these are the characteristics that have made the AgustaWestland AW139 helicopter the market benchmark. Recent orders from customers in the UK for VIP/Executive Transport missions, and from the Queensland State Government in Australia for helicopter rescue missions, are further confirmations of this helicopter’s market-leading position worldwide in the intermediate twin-engine class.




Versatility of use


The AW139 is designed with multifunctional capability and with maximum operational flexibility; it can, in fact, carry out different kinds of missions, including VIP/Executive Transport, offshore transport, EMS, search and rescue and public safety operations



In each of these roles, it is possible to take full advantage of the ample space on board, the modular design that allows for rapid operational conversion, high cruising speed and advanced avionics, its exceptional capacity even when flying with only one working engine and its high standards of impact resistance. 




Features and technologies that make the difference


With its Pratt & Witney engines, which the AW139 has used since its inception in 2003, and with the Honeywell Primus Epic integrated avionics systems, the AW139 can carry up to 15 passengers or, in the air ambulance version, up to four stretchers and four nurses at the highest speed (165 knots/306 km/h). It can fly with only one engine up to an altitude of 3,500m and operate in winds of up to 83km/h.




With decades of experience in customised interior design and thanks to a dedicated team, Leonardo works with its customers to ensure the highest standards of quality in its cabin fittings and materials. In fact, there are countless configuration options available for the seats and equipment, including communication and entertainment systems, work instruments, refrigerator and luggage compartment.



Leonardo 08/11/2017