Black Shark

Black Shark in esposizione

The heavyweight torpedo Black Shark is the result of the Italian research and technology and represents a national excellence as regards electronics applied to the electro-acoustics, very competitive worldwide.


It has been developed by WASS to meet the needs of the Italian Navy. It is a multi-target extremely advanced weapon both from the technological and operational point of view and it has been designed to be used from different launching platforms and more specifically from submarines, midgets, surface units and stations ashore.


It has been designed to oppose the technologically most modern threats whether surface or underwater targets. It is a wire-guided torpedo by means of a fiber optic wire through which the launching means remains in communication to transmit and receive the necessary data for the mission success.


The heavyweight torpedo Black Shark is about 6 meters long (the length changes according to its configuration, whether exercise or service), its diameter is about 533 mm, it is very noiseless and can work in self-guidance mode during the last step of the mission.


In its most innovative version it is equipped with the new Lithium-Polymers battery.