AW169 EMS: another mission accomplished

AW169 EMS: another mission accomplished

The AW169 EMS (Emergency Medical Services) is rapidly reconfigurable and uniquely designed around patient needs, ensuring that air medical professionals can be there when it counts, providing the best care.
As demonstrated by the rescue mission depicted in the video, in which the AW169 of Essex and Herts Air Ambulance, operated by Specialist Aviation, plays a key role in assisting an injured cyclist.


The AW169 features contributed in a critical manner to the operation’s success. This helicopter model offers enhanced safety on the ground by the high clearance of the main and tail rotors, and the auxiliary power unit (APU) mode ensures the continued operation of the environmental control system, radios and medical devices when the rotors are stopped, in addition to the large sliding doors that allow easy patient entry and egress. 


During the mission, operated by Specialist Aviation, the two paramedics on board were able to easily lift the patient on the stretcher and into the large cabin, which allows accommodation for up to two stretchers, and has wide room to accommodate a full suite of the most advanced life support equipment. The cyclist received first aid at the accident’s site, but the AW169 then transported her to nearest hospital for further care. 


Leonardo’s AW169 is a multi-role helicopter that allows operators to benefit from unique capabilities to carry out all mission types: operational awareness, rescue, and transport in support of a wide range of operations, including public safety, counter-terrorism activities, drug enforcement operations, border control, and search and rescue.




Leonardo 03/10/2017