The AW109 Trekker is ready to take to the skies around the world

The AW109 Trekker is ready to take to the skies around the world

At the end of 2017 the Trekker, the most modern light twin-engine helicopter available on the market today, received EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) certification. Thanks to this result, we can now begin deliveries of over 40 AW109 Trekkers already ordered so far by international customers.


The AW109 Trekker responds to the market demand for a helicopter with great versatility and low operating costs, completing Leonardo’s range of helicopters for commercial applications. Its main features are the skids and innovative avionics, as well as excellent operating and loading capabilities that optimise performance, making it unique in the market.


The Trekker has been designed with a modular approach, thanks to which it can meet various mission requirements, making it ideal for carrying out public utility tasks in particular, as well as air ambulance, search and rescue, public order, surveillance and passenger transport activities.


Its modularity makes it possible to meet multiple operational requirements, either for visual or instrumental flight, with one or two pilots on board being supported by a wide range of equipment, cargo hook, external rescue hoist, external loudspeaker, electro-optical sensors, skid landing gear for the snow, emergency floats, with different solutions for a spacious cabin, able to accommodate up to six passengers or a combination of one stretcher and three/four medical attendants or two stretchers and two medical attendants.


The modern cockpit instrumentation is designed to reduce the pilot’s workload thanks to advanced navigation capabilities suitable to operate even in difficult weather and environmental conditions, day and night, while maintaining a high level of overall safety. In fact, the Trekker is equipped with a structure, tanks as well as pilot and passenger seats designed to withstand strong impacts, high performance with just one engine and a transmission that can continue to run for 30 minutes even in the event of total loss of gearbox lubricant.



Leonardo 22/02/2018