A184 Mod.3

A184 Mod.3

The heavyweight torpedo A184 was born in the 70s after the Italian Ministry of the Defence had clearly asked Whitehead Motofides a new torpedo for surface units and submarines of the Italian Navy. And, in compliance with the above, the A184 mod.0 was developed and supplied to the Italian submarines, Toti and Sauro class.

In the following years the version mod. 0 underwent various improvements, until mod. 3 was developed that was marketed also abroad and more precisely to the Navies of USA and Ecuador.


It is a multi-target weapon designed to be used both from underwater platforms and surface units. Today, the A184 mod. 3, together with the more advanced Black Shark, is still used and can still be launched from the Italian Submarines of the SAURO and TODARO class.


It is a wire-guided highly-autonomous torpedo that can complete a mission with acoustic self-guidance. It has two launching modes: "push out" by means of catapult or "swim out" thanks to the thrust generated by the propellers.


It is presently operating at the Italian and Ecuador Navy.