Op Training

Full Crew Training for Demanding Missions

Our function is to enable our customers to do more by realising the full potential of their helicopter assets. We understand that these assets are built to perform demanding operations over several decades and their capability needs to evolve to match the constantly changing needs of the mar­ket. Greater platform capability requires a similar evolution in training solutions



AgustaWestland recognises that crew selection, ab initio and type conversion training are just the foundation of your operation, representing part of the requirement to deliver successful operations.


Our operational training courses are designed to supplement type training, developing a range of individual and full crew skills that enable our customers to deliver mission success.

Our training teams have the expertise to take individuals from initial selection to being part of a fully operational crew, promoting the benefits of receiving AW training courses on AW platforms.


We offer a menu of training courses which can easily be selected to deliver your total crew operational capability. They are designed to provide students with a structured approach to operational procedures and successful application of current practices. This could also include the provision of turnkey solutions.


AgustaWestland can deliver a range of tailored instruction to train your total team – aircrew, rear crew and supporting functions.


Our courses utilise a range of methods including:


• Ground School – theoretical study, rules and doctrine


• Synthetic Training – full motion flight simulators, emulation and immersive gaming technology, flight training devices (cockpit and cabin) and part task trainers .


• Live Flying Training – Customer aircraft typically at Customer locations or AW Training Centres.


• All training is delivered by experienced and skilled instructors.



Operational Training Brochure

The gallery below provides key examples of operational capabilities needed in the helicopter market today, giving you an idea of the skills which could be gained from the AW team.


You may be required to deliver other specialities and AW can work with you to shape your optimal training requirements. To discuss your Operational Training needs please contact us via the Training Solutions mailbox.