Support Solutions

The company is continually developing its support services and advanced solutions in line with customer needs. The ‘Service Excellence Project’ aims to optimise the delivery of spare parts and repairs, improve communication with customers and achieve the highest standards of support throughout the service centre network.




AOG: through Fleet Operations Centres and dedicated regional AOG teams, Helicopter Division delivers spares and technical support solutions promptly and effectively, ensuring aircraft availability and customer operations.


Technical publications: a complete suite of fully supported, digital and paper manuals is available for all helicopters. Commercial customers also benefit from online digital manuals through a dedicated customer portal.


Technical information: Helicopter Division regularly publishes the latest technical guidelines and updates to keep customers informed of new services and products.


Spare & Repairs: the Material Support Services Organisation is accountable for all material and logistics aspects of spares, repairs and overhauls. The department also provides logistic modelling and provisioning for all awarded contracts, and acts as primary interface to the supply base through Procurement, Industrial Sub Contracts and Helicopter Division manufacturing functions.


Maintenance: in support of customers worldwide, Helicopter Division has established an extensive network of maintenance centres, offering first/second line support and heavy maintenance through company-owned and third party organisations.


Health Usage Monitoring Systems HUMS: Helicopter Division provides world-leading Integrated Support Solutions, fully customisable to customer requirements.


Integrated Support Solutions: our world leading Integrated Support Solutions move the boundaries of traditional support and are fully customisable to meet our customers' needs.