We have been pursuing a path of sustainability that integrates environmental issues into our business strategies. We monitor our industrial sites and develop innovative products and solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, contributing with our cutting-edge technologies to the study, prevention and mitigation of the effects of climate change in the frame of national and international collaborations.


The Environment, Health and Safety Integrated Policy and the Energy Management Policy report the main objectives of the Group:

  • to consolidate, in the conduct of business, environmental responsibility and eco-efficiency of operating activities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pursue a sustainable use of energy and natural resources;
  • adopt measures for the continuous reduction and prevention of pollution and wastage, minimizing the production of waste and favoring its recycling or reuse;
  • identify and assess the risks and environmental aspects associated with the activities, monitoring and improving the adopted management standards;
  • disseminate and promote environmental sustainability through internal and external communication tools, awareness-raising, information and training initiatives.

The specific field of application of our environmental management systems and the related policies that detail objectives and targets, in accordance with Leonardo's policy, are available, on request, for interested parties.