Whistleblowing Management Guidelines

Based on Trust

Anyone may become aware of facts or behaviors that may damage Leonardo Group, or contrary to the company’s values, codes and internal rules, law or regulations, in particular anti-corruption laws, can report in the utmost confidentiality through the following channels:

  • Leonardo website also anonymously, by filling in the following form
  • Email address: organismodivigilanza@leonardocompany.com;
  • Mail to: Surveillance Body, Piazza Monte Grappa 4, - 00195, Rome, Italy;
  • Fax to: +39 06 45538059


Whistleblowing Management Guidelines

The Whistleblowing Management Guidelines define and describe the process for managing reports, even anonymous ones, establishing specific audit activities and action plan.

Identities of whistleblower and reported person are safeguarded by Leonardo during all the phases. Leonardo ensures protection from retaliation of discriminatory actions for anyone raising a concern in good faith about illicit conducts or not in line with Leonardo’s values and codes or refusing to act unethically.