TRP-2 Combat

TRP-2 Combat

TRP-2 Combat is a small, light, tracked Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) platform for use in tactical situations where the human presence is not advisable.


TRP-2 Combat can be disassembled in light-weight independent parts, in order to be easily transported by soldiers on the field, ready for operation in few minutes.

TRP-2 Combat is equipped  with:


- Light machine gun FN MINIMI 5,56 mm or equivalent

- Grenade launcher (40mm)

- Different light machine guns may be installed upon request.


A single soldier can remotely-operate TRP-2 Combat by a proper Operator Control Unit (OCU).

The OCU is a modular system composed of a joy pad, communication box and ruggedized Personal Computer.  It is integrated with the four cameras installed on TRP-2 Combat ; the cameras  include night vision capability, Pan-Tilt- Zoom (PTZ) and stabilization option in order to provide best Situational Awareness.

TRP-2 Combat is electric-powered and can achieve a maximum speed of 15km/h.

Technical specifications