21 Dec 2012 - Selex ES great satisfaction for new order of 12 Eurofighter from Oman

21 Dec 2012 - Selex ES great satisfaction for new order of 12 Eurofighter from Oman

Finmeccanica, partner in the Eurofighter programme through Alenia Aermacchi, welcomes with great satisfaction the new order of 12 Eurofighter signed by Oman which thus becomes the seventh customer, at global level, for the European aircraft.


Giuseppe Orsi, Chairman and CEO of Finmeccanica, said: “The Oman order further confirms the strategic value of our investments in the Eurofighter programme and, more in general, highlights the growing importance of European programmes in the aerospace and defence sector. Finmeccanica companies are playing a key role, both in technological and industrial terms, in the engineering, the development, the manufacturing and the support to the platform and to the avionic systems. The Eurofighter is an excellent example of how collaboration within Europe can contribute to the maintenance and development of state-of-the-art capabilities for industries, and guarantee the best returns on governments’ investments within the four partner countries to contribute to the growth of a strategic industry sector”.


The Eurofighter is a fundamental program for the Italian aeronautical industry and for Finmeccanica’s companies in particular, which have a 36% overall participation in the program, taking into account the activities carried out also at international level in the development and production of the aircraft.
Alenia Aermacchi is the Italian leader in the programme and is responsible for the construction of the left wing, the design and construction of the rear fuselage with BAE Systems, the integration of weapon, navigation and the propulsion system. It is also responsible for the final assembly of all aircraft for the Italian air force as well as for those destined to “export” clients.


Giuseppe Giordo, CEO of Alenia Aermacchi, commented: “With 7 customers, 719 aircraft under contract, 571 under production contract and more than 340 already delivered, the Eurofighter confirms itself as the largest and more advanced new generation fighter program in the world. This new order is great news for our plants of Turin, Foggia, Nola and Venegono, all involved in the production of Eurofighter components. Alenia Aermacchi, with its share of 19%, covers a key role in the programme and any new order for the European fighter significantly and positively impacts our activities. Furthermore, the Oman order will also positively impact some other campaigns we are currently pursuing in the Middle East and whose possible successful conclusion would allow to keep the production of the European fighter also after 2017, when the end of production is now scheduled.”


The newly formed Selex ES company, merging the European businesses of Finmeccanica’s Electronics Defence and Security sector, has a significant stake in the avionics and sensors of the aircraft. Selex ES leads three consortiums: Euroradar, which designs and develops the Captor radar and develops the new electronically scanned version Captor E; EuroDASS, for the design and development of the Praetorian Defensive Aids Suite for the protection and survivability of the aircraft; Eurofirst, for the infrared search and track system Pirate.


“The positive financial and industrial impact of this contract is significant for Selex ES - says the CEO, Fabrizio Giulianini - because through its subsidiaries in Italy and in the UK Selex ES is responsible for over 60% of the avionic systems on board the Eurofighter."


In Italy, the programme employs an average of around 7,200 highly qualified and professional staff a year directly (internally and externally). A further 4,800 people a year work on operations indirectly linked to the programme. It should be noted that these direct and indirect activities generate as much employment again in services.

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