HITFACT® 105-120mm

HITFACT® 105-120mm

HITFACT® is a three-man, power operated turret armed with a 105mm/52 calibre or 120mm/ 45 calibre low-recoil force gun, intended for installation on light or medium weight tanks and wheeled or tracked tank destroyers. Due to its light weight and the low recoil force of the gun, the turret can provide the fire power of a main battle tank with great accuracy, without impairing the tactical and strategic characteristics of mobility of the vehicles.

A hydraulic, recoil-counter-recoil system and a multi-baffle, high efficiency  muzzle brake minimize the recoil force and prevent any excessive stress on the turret structure.

The turret frame is made of ballistic aluminium alloy; steel armour plates and composite material are installed to reach the required protection level. The main armament consists of either a 105mm/52 calibre or 120mm/45 calibre gun, both responding to NATO standard ballistic. The 105mm barrel is rifled with right hand twist and the 12Omm barrel is smooth bore. The barrel is autofrettaged. A bore evacuator, for quick self-cleaning of the barrel after each fire action, and a thermal jacket to avoid strains due to temperature variations, complete the barrel configuration.

The turret is fitted for receiving a secondary armament composed of a 7,62mm machine gun coaxially mounted, a 7,62mm or a 12,7mm  machine gun pintle mounted, and a set of Smoke Grenade Launcher (SGL) (option). 

The HITFACT® digital FCS includes gunner's self-stabilized Day and night IR thermal cameras with integral eye-safe laser rangefinder, a meteo and a vertical reference sensor suite, a Laser Warning (LW) (option) and a Day optical sight, as a back-up.

The Commander can control the turret and gun movements and can perform the target search and detection, irrespective of the turret traversing movements, through either the self stabilized Panoramic sight with Day TV camera and IR Camera including situational awareness and full hunter capability modules or the Turret on Turret (optional) which combines the Day and Night vision with the remote use of a 7.62mm machine gun. 

The turret is open to install different types of panoramic sight, tailored according to customer needs.       

Technical specifications