New Brains, New Brawn.


The refined and attractive AgustaWestland AW009 is a cost-effective, multi-mission capable, light single-engine helicopter – an evolution of the rugged SW-4.

The mission-proven Rolls-Royce M250-C20R/2 (SP) engine ensures reliable, high performance; an optional M250-C30P engine upgrade will provide enhanced power handling for the most demanding mission.

An advanced ‘Genesys’ avionics display is now standard in every AW009 to ensure excellent situational awareness; pilots experience an intuitive, easy to fly platform with excellent range and endurance – essential for demanding training, law enforcement, passenger transport and utility operations.



MTOW: 1,800 kg      (3,968 lb)
Powerplant: Rolls-Royce M250-C20R/2 (SP)  engine / Rolls-Royce M250-C30P optionally available
Crew/Passengers: 1 pilot + 4 passengers / 2 pilots + 3 passengers


TECHNICAL DATA (with Rolls-Royce M250-C20R/2 (SP) engine)

Max Gross Weight 1,800 kg 3,968 lb
Sling Load Capacity 650 kg 1,433 lb
Engine Rating    
Take off power (5 min) 336 kW 450 shp
Maximum Continuous Power 283 kW 380 shp
Transmission Rating    
Take off power (5 min) 326 kW 437 shp
Maximum Continuous Power 264 kW 354 shp
Fuel Capacity    
Standard 471 l 125 USgal
Pilots/Passengers 1 pilot + 4 passengers 2 pilots + 3 passengers
External Dimensions    
Overall length (rotors turning) 10.58 m 34 ft 8 in
Overall height (rotors turning) 3.14 m 10 ft 3 in
Performance (ISA, MGW)    
VNE (SL) 254 km/h 137 kt
Max cruise speed (SL-MCP) 206 km/h 111 kt
Hovering IGE 1,290 m 4,232 ft
Hovering OGE 820 m 2,690 ft
Service Ceiling (MCP) 3,900 m 12,795 ft
Max Range* 752 km 406 nm
Max Endurance*   5 h 03 min

*No reserve, SL, ISA


  • Composite Rotor blades
  • 3-bladed articulated hub for smooth ride
  • Tuned and damped transmission mount
  • Excellent visibility and user-friendly avionics
  • Crashworthy adjustable seats (pilots and passengers)
  • With one of the highest useful loads in its class
  • Easy access to the cabin thanks to a front hinged door and a rearward sliding door, on both sides, without any strut in the middle, between them
  • Ultra rugged landing gear to handle punishments
  • Easy conversion between cargo and passenger configurations
  • Spacious baggage compartment with direct external access
  • Large aft fuel tank for safety and endurance
  • Aluminum alloy fuselage with extensive use of composite materials
  • Two composite tail rotor blades
  • Reliable Rolls Royce 250 family engine
  • Newly updated hydraulic boost control system


The additional available equipment is:

  • Engine fire extinguishing system
  • Cabin heating system
  • Windshield wipers
  • Main rotor brake
  • Skids springs
  • Dual pilot instrument panel configuration and additional Com / Nav equipment
  • Pilot training for day and night flights under simulated IFR conditions
  • NVG training for day and night flights
  • Cabin cargo transport equipment (up to 323 kg / 710 lb in the rear cabin, up to 90 kg / 198.5 lb in the front side cabin and further 150 kg  / 331 lb in the baggage compartment)
  • Cargo sling (650 kg / 1,433 lb)
  • Bambi Bucket (455 liters/ 120 USgal)


State-of-the-art Genesys Aerosystems cockpit, combined with exceptional external visibility, guarantees a superlative situational awareness.

The package includes:

  • Ergonomic and low workload cockpit layout
  • 6” x 8” EFIS display
  • Integrated 3D Synthetic Vision with Highway-In-The-Sky navigation
  • Integrated Helicopter Terrain Awareness Warning System (HTAWS) with worldwide terrain and obstacle database




Executive and Private Transport

The AW009 flying qualities and high inherent safety make it also an optimum helicopter to transport  up to 5 people: 1 pilot and up to 4 passengers.

Leading features

  • The spacious cabin provides passengers with excellent comfort, ample legroom and individual adjustable crashworthy seats
  • Superior external visibility for pilots and passengers
  • Two rear sliding doors and two forward hinged doors allow for easy access
  • Spacious baggage compartment with direct external access of 0.85 m3 / 30 ft3 volume and internal length of 1.47 m / 4.81 ft
  • High Max Range and Endurance in light single engine helicopters class (up to MTOW=1,800 kg / 3,968 lb)


Security Services

Benefitting from modern technology, low operating cost, excellent flying characteristics and capable of operations in day and night VFR conditions; the AW009 is ideally-suited to police/security multi-mission requirements.

Leading features

  • Spacious cockpit allowing ample space for the pilot and his/her Tactical Flight Officer
  • Dual controls with hydraulic assistance, crashworthy seats, dual pilot instrument panel
  • Communication and navigation units can be customized in accordance with the specific requirements of the customer
  • Comprehensive range of mission specific equipment
  • Comfortable working space for mission operator
  • Spacious cabin to accommodate 1 stretcher and 1 attendant, plus equipment
  • Excellent external visibility
  • Competitive acquisition and operating costs


The cabin has been designed to provide high levels of operational flexibility. It can be quickly and easily reconfigured to a cargo solution layout capable of carrying up to 323 kg / 710 lb in the cabin, additional 90 kg / 198.5 lb in the place of co-pilot / passenger seat and further 150 kg / 331 lb in the baggage compartment.

Leading features

  • Spacious cabin, easy to be reconfigured
  • Cargo sling with maximum capacity  650 kg / 1,433 lb
  • Bambi Bucket (455 liters / 120 USgal) for firefighting mission
  • Excellent external visibility
  • Competitive acquisition and operating costs


The AW009 flying qualities and high inherent safety by design are essential attributes extremely suitable for training operations.

Leading features

  • Available with dual controls
  • Flight controls powered by hydraulic amplifier
  • Crashworthy adjustable seats
  • Good visibility through all windows
  • Low vibration levels
  • Dual-pilot avionics and navigation instrument panel configuration, additional communications equipment and double master cautions and warning lamps
  • Capability for day and night flights under simulated IFR conditions
  • Capability for NVG training flights


 Download the AW009 Brochure